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Ludovic Ortiz

Ludovic originates from the region of Marseille, in the South of France. His background is from the Motorcycle industry and has dedicated over 13 years to this, including competition level participation. In 2012 he relocated to Dubai and continued with his passion for the Motorsport industry with managing a popular retail business selling motorsport clothing and accessories. During these 2 years of operating his the retail outlet, Ludovic refined the art of providing high quality customer service and learned invaluable negotiation and management skills.

Since moving to Dubai he has been attracted to the fast-pace and constant turnover of the Real Estate industry in the Emirate and wanted to make an impact in this industry. After researching the transition, in 2015 he decided to embark on a career in Real Estate with Driven Properties. A willing and born hard-worker, Ludovic takes care to find out the exact needs of his customers in order to provide the best match for their requirements.